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    Shadow Bound Souls (Ch 1 Excerpt)

    Chapter 1 On the banks You can regard the dawn with disdain, but the dawn comes anyway, she thought, with the sunlight bouncing off the water and flashing in her eyes. In the aftermath of the battle with the Sagean and his automatons, Ellaria was struggling not to drown. The rolling deluge of lake water continually coated her face, threatening to claim her.  There was an old adage she knew: the wisdom of dawn comes from the revelation of awakening from a dream. For Ellaria, the nightmare had persisted into the morning and the only thing she discovered in the new day’s light was her own desperation and with it, a tunnel…

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    Tethers Excerpt

    Many years ago on the southernmost island of the Dire The Rodairean Legion anchored their galley ships near the last pier, at the last island of the Dire, in their search for the remaining Sea-rippers. They expected to find monsters and no survivors. On approach, it became obvious, the Sea-rippers, the very monsters they had come to the Dire to hunt, had already been gruesomely dispatched. Bits of the dead creatures were decomposing all around, with some of the corpses slipping back into the sea with the tide. However, the evidence of their terror and destruction was all around. The crews of the Steadfast and the Moonfall landed and filed out on the stone…

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    The Editing Process

    I have been extremely busy recently launching my debut novel; however, I have wanted to issue another blog post for a while on editing. Editing your book is a Glorious Nightmare I read a lot about the editing process before actually going through it and I’m still tied up in knots about the whole endeavor. The editing process becomes an endless game of fixing mistakes, reworking passage after passage, measuring the whole matter into a completed work. Right or wrongfully, it does descend into an endless stream of nitpicking and eventually as the author you have to let it go. You must commit to the finished product and it feels…