Tethers of War

Book 3 of The Luminance Saga

The Paths of War and Fate Converge

As the War begins, a darkness is on the horizon threatening to consume the world. Following the events at the Temple of Ama. Dragons now dominate the sky, and factions search for the legendary Desolation Blade, the only weapon that can slay the beasts. The Old World has plunged into civil uprisings, as the tyrannical Sagean Emperor sits in rule once more, obsessed with revenge. Seeking the annihilation of all who oppose him, the Sagean’s sights are set on crushing the New World and Ellaria Moonstone. With the New World’s fate hanging in the balance, the heroes embark on perilous quests.

Ellaria Moonstone, chosen by the New World, must lead an envoy through dangerous lands to meet with the Zenoch and Harrinari, but the ravages of war threaten to derail her mission. As she attempts to unravel the mysteries of prophecy, and the past.

Kovan, fueled by resurfacing memories, and armed with a mystical compass, embarks on a desperate journey to find his long-lost daughter. Separated and yearning to be reunited, Tali and Learon face their own trials. Tali finds herself trapped in a foreign land, hunted by the Zenoch, whose leader seeks to overthrow his own people’s High Elders.

Meanwhile, Learon, seeking guidance, enters the enigmatic Shadowyn realm, following in the footsteps of Elias, only to confront his most formidable challenge yet.

Amidst chaos and treachery, the intertwined destinies of all, will determine the fate of humanity.

The Tethers of War will sweep you into a steampunk world of magic and machines, where alliances fracture, realms collide, and the destiny of all hangs in the balance.