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The Luminance Saga:

The Luminance Saga

Epic Sci-fi & Fantasy Series

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A fallen empire, a failed republic, and a frontier of alchemy, magic, and machines...

They thought the war was over. That they had given enough, but when an oppressive empire falls, what comes from the ashes, is turmoil and treachery.

Three former war heroes, long past their prime and haunted by their pasts, are all that stand against a dark entity threatening the future. With the currency of souls is in the balance they find their destinies are entwined with a band of young rogues. Together they must stop the return of a dark empire. While each path to the truth is rot with peril, they discover the key to protecting the future resides in the mysteries of the past. The quest for a lost tomb ensues and the recovery of a relic from the time of the unknown ancients, called the Tempest Stone...

“A dazzling, powerhouse… Fans of intricately crafted, sophisticated high fantasy won’t want to miss this.”
– The Prairies Book Review

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The Saga Continues...

Shadow Bound Souls continues the steampunk saga with a sequel that takes the plot to greater depths, while expanding upon the immersive world; with an ending that hurtles the series toward the coming World War...

“A Fascinating, Inventive Speculative Fiction.. This is one author to look out for!”
– ❀⊱Gwendalyn’s Books⊰❀


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The Paths of War and Fate Converge...

As darkness looms and war ignites, the world faces imminent peril. Dragons rule the skies, and factions seek the fabled Desolation Blade, the only weapon capable of slaying the beasts. In Tovillore, chaos reigns as the tyrannical Sagean Emperor returns, craving vengeance and set on annihilating the New World and its champion, Ellaria Moonstone.

With the fate of the New World hanging in the balance, our heroes embark on treacherous quests.

Ellaria leads a perilous envoy through war-torn lands, burdened by prophecies and the weight of the past. While Kovan, fueled by resurfacing memories, embarks on a desperate journey to find his long-lost daughter, armed with a mystical compass.

Tali and Learon, torn apart, each face their own trials: Tali a fugitive in a foreign land is hunted by the Zenoch. Meanwhile, Learon venturing into the Shadowyn realm, confronts his greatest challenge yet. Amidst chaos and treachery, the intertwined destinies of all, will determine the fate of humanity. For the Tethers of War have come and all shall reap the whirlwind.

The Tethers of War will sweep you into a steampunk world of magic and machines, where alliances fracture, realms collide, and the destiny of all hangs in the balance.

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About the author

After attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I studied architecture, philosophy and writing. I have worked in the field of architecture for 20 years designing houses, commercial buildings and working on historic preservation projects across Colorado. I am passionate about sci-fi, fantasy, the Denver Broncos, architecture, and Bob Dylan. The Binding Tempest is my first novel.