The Editing Process

I have been extremely busy recently launching my debut novel; however, I have wanted to issue another blog post for a while on editing. Editing your book is a Glorious Nightmare I read a lot about the editing process before actually going through it and I’m still tied up in knots about the whole endeavor. The editing process becomes an endless game of fixing mistakes, reworking passage after passage, measuring the whole matter into a completed work. Right or wrongfully, it does descend into an endless stream of nitpicking and eventually as the author you have to let it go. You must commit to the finished product and it feels really good to say, “it’s…

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Title Reveal

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The journey to finding the title for my debut novel. Picking the title for your book is hard... I started writing my novel last summer and I had an early title that I used for the file name. I didn’t think too much about it.  Time passes, you write the manuscript and rewrite and then you get it ready for early beta readers. So you need a name. You throw a name on it that you like and send it out. No big deal. It’s just beta readers. Everything is a work-in-progress, prose, characters, plot, everything. The title is still the least of your concerns You get feed back you go through more rewriting and…

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City Maps

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"The Cities of Territhmina" Inside the Fantasy world of The Binding Tempest To follow up on my world map post here is one about my city maps.  While there are plenty of software apps out there to help you produce fun and interesting world maps, there are very few options for creating a city map. The tools I used to create mine, where wonderdraft, Adobe illustrator and Adobe photoshop. I have a lot of worthy cities that I could make a map for, but the four most deserving were; Adalon, Marathal, Aquom, and Ravenvyre. I always start with a sketch and develop the layout based on how I imagine the city functions. Consciously trying to…

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PROLOGUE – The Magnetic Wave Gate

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. . . He took a deep breath and started to pull the energy he sensed beneath the land. Older than all, and crafted in creation, pulling from the territh was arduous. Every energy source was different and each had a unique vibration, a signature. But all were tempestuous. He wasn’t sure if their true nature was chaotic or just in confluence with forces beyond him. First, Qudin had to attune to the energy and then he could focus the disorder. The effort of drawing energy through obstacles of matter took strength, but it was the best source at the moment. Qudin drew in what he could, binding the energy to his own. Once captured,…

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