Steven Rudy

I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder to study architecture. While I was there I began taking courses in creative writing and philosophy with the intention to minor in them or switch majors.

Life moves in mysterious ways and eventually I found myself working in a small important subgroup of architecture, historic preservation. My career in architecture and design has now spanned almost twenty years and I have designed buildings, a lot of custom homes and worked on a wide variety of historical projects.

Still, the urge to write was always there nagging at me. For years I would write down character ideas, and world ideas, names of places and people and ideas for scenes. These story ideas only bloomed brighter when my wife and I had children. I would tell my son stories at night after the book I read to him didn’t put him to sleep. 

About seven years ago I was dead set on starting my novel and then my first daughter came and then a second daughter. Free time and opportunity had dwindled with three kids, but COVID happened and after a month of staying home with my kids I realized the end to the pandemic was not going to come quickly and I suddenly had the opportunity to write the novel I had always wanted to write. 

That’s what The Binding Tempest is for me. It is a lifetime’s creation finally come to fruition. I will admit most of my storytelling influences are derived from movies and TV. Though I have had many impactfully novels in my life too; Nightshift, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, East of Eden, and the Eye of the World. With the Eye of the World and the entire Wheel of Time series it was like I had finally found the immersive fiction I had always seen in my mind. Something that rivaled the great flicks I had devoured over and over. 

Like all things that are created, the Luminance Saga comes from a place that is both uniquely me but also an amalgamation of all my great influences. My hope was to craft a story that was part Indiana Jones, part Eye of the World, and part Star Wars.
Now that I have written my first novel I can’t wait to continue. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my brain like specters awaiting to be plucked and brought to life