The Story So Far


Ellaria Moonstone, is a spirited and smart former war general for the Resistance who helped overthrow the Sagean Empire when she was only seventeen. Forty years after the war, Ellaria, a trained alchemist, is now an emissary for the Scholar’s Guild helping set up universities across the world. 

Book one of the Luminance Saga, opens with Ellaria returning to the great city of Adalon for a meeting she has been requested to attend, but she finds herself being followed from the moment she arrives. Fearing the worst, she sends for the help from her two expatriates, Qudin and Kovan, using a secret messaging service called The Whisper Chain.

Kovan Rainer, an ex-war hero turned traveling gunfighter has recently been imprisoned on the far western island of Ravenvyre. Destiny intervenes in the form of a fearless young woman named Tali. Working as a messenger for The Whisper Chain, Tali has been stuck hanging around the tinkerers and gadget makers within the city instead of going off to a university and she makes the fateful decision to help the war hero she grew up hearing about, escape. Together they charter an airship and set out to cross the frontier to Adalon.

Meanwhile, in the Warhawk Mountains, a young man named Learon is preparing for his journey to go to the great Arcana University, but he wants to take one last trip to his father’s cabin in the woods. When he arrives, he finds a man injured and cornered by two wolveracks; genetically modified wolves that roam the forests. After saving the stranger, they return to Learon’s home to find it ransacked and Learon’s mother missing. The stranger, named Elias, promises to help Learon find his mother. When they track her down in the nearby city of Atava, Elias helps save Learon and his mother from a group of soldiers who are looking for an artifact Learon’s father stole from an archeological dig.

Back in Adalon, Ellaria heads to the Coalition meeting where she is introduced to the new headmaster of the Arcana University, Edward Knox. At the same time, she is confronted by her rival, the Queen of Andal, Queen Rotha Durrone. At the Coalition meeting, Ellaria discovers that Danehin, the Peace King of the New World is missing, and in his absence, Ellaria pleads with the Coalition not to relinquish their power. However, the corrupt Coalition of Nations have already elected a Prime Commander as they are intent on reclaiming the lands of the New World across the ocean. When the Prime is introduced he makes it clear that the real reason Ellaria has been asked to attend was to interrogate her about her friend Qudin Lightweaver. A Luminary with the power to control energy and the hero of the Great War who defeated the last Sagean Emperor, but who has not been seen in public in 30 years. The Prime then issues a resolution for the immediate capture of Qudin. Heartbroken that she was betrayed by her dear friend Delvette who voted for the Prime, Ellaria gains some admiration for Edward Knox, who supported Ellaria’s plea to the Coalition. In the aftermath, Ellaria suspects someone is manipulating events from the shadows and begins to believe a new Sagean Lord may have returned and is awaiting to claim a new empire.

Back with Kovan and Tali, while on their journey to Adalon they cross paths with another group of strangers in the night during an attack on a small traveler’s waypoint called the Fork. Here Kovan discovers his long-lost friend Qudin is traveling with a young man named Learon and now goes by the name of Elias. While Kovan and Qudin’s bonds of trust have frayed, they need each other to navigate the perils of the frontier. As the fallout from the Coalition’s collapse has sparked turmoil throughout the land and now terrible beasts and the former Sagean’s devoted soldiers called Bonemen, pursue them at every turn. 

Together, the four of them travel the country to Adalon. Narrowly escaping with their lives when the port city of Fort Verdict at Anchor’s Point is attacked by Sagean religious zealots led by a man named Aramus. During their voyage Qudin begins to believe that either Tali or Learon could be a Luminary. A revelation for Qudin because his kind are rare. When he determines that Tali is a Luminary, he immediately begins to train her. As her power to manipulate energy will eventually awaken in her in a surge of energy that could be a danger to herself or others.

When they are finally reunited with Ellaria in Adalon, the group begins to piece together the truth behind the election of the Prime. But they also come to understand that Elias in the last 30 years has become obsessed with the Ancients and tracking down a relic called the Tempest Stone.

Meanwhile, Tali, Learon and a young man named Wade, who Ellaria has befriended in the city, begin to form a tight bond. With Adalon city growing too dangerous for Elias, the group tries to locate the missing Peace King before all-out war begins. Their only clue leads them to a refugee who has escaped from the locked down country of Kotalla. 

They locate the young girl named Meroha, in Aquom and Tali suffers the effects of the Illumination Surge, the awakening of her Luminary powers. The surge temporarily blinds her and leaves faint scars from her eyes to her temples. 

The band of heroes regroup at Elias’s hideout in the north, and there they learn the refugee’s story and all signs point to the return of a powerful Sagean lord who is searching for an ancient book called the Sagean’s Testament in order to bring to life a being called the Wrythen. 

Elias Qudin seems to know more than he is letting on and when pressed by his old friends the past comes crashing down on them and the greater threat of the Wrythen becomes apparent. A threat Elias is all too aware of. Through the revelation, they learn Elias Qudin has sought the Tempest Stone because he fears this unknown evil entity. Elias tells them that the Wrythen is a being of shadow and smoke and it appeared to him and the Sagean Emperor at the last battle of the Great War. Qudin, afraid the end was near, lashed out with all his power, decimating part of the mountain they were fighting on. When Elias awoke from the blast, both the Sagean Emperor and the Wrythen were gone. 

Years later the Wrythen began to haunt Elias and he was forced to stop using his powers completely. Afraid of the Wrythen, Elias sent his wife into hiding and he began searching for the Tempest Stone. 

Ellaria and Kovan take this news harshly, because during this same time of Elias’s erratic behavior, their daughter mysteriously died.

The young Luminary, Tali, convinces the veterans that they must overcome their mistrust of each other and unite on a desperate quest to find the Tempest Stone as it may be the key to defeating the Wrythen and thwarting the new Sagean lord that has overtaken the Coalition. Rummaging through Elias’s vast collection of books they slowly decode the dead language of the Ancients and pinpoint a location of the lost Sagean Tomb, where they believe the Stone resides.

Their quest leads them to the lake city of Marathal. Backdropped by a huge waterfall, the opulent city sits on an island in the middle of the large lake that feeds the Uhanni River and is also the home of the Whisper Chain headquarters, The group decides to split up and half of them attempt to find the Tomb while another group sneaks into the Whisper Chain in order to see the Chain’s secret device for finding people wherever they are in the world, called the Melodicure machine. After their missions they are chased through the streets by giant automaton creatures made of bronze. 

Meanwhile, Elias has discovered a lost palace hidden behind the Marathal falls, and is sure that the Sagean Tomb is hidden somewhere underground.

During their escape from the city they desperately look for the entrance to the Sagean’s Tomb in the shrine above the waterfalls. There they find a secret entrance, but must overcome the deadly traps inside before they can reach the burial chamber and recover the Stone. At the final door, Elias is able to open it with his touch, and they enter into the sacred resting place of the emperors.

Inside, they locate the stone and try to leave, but find themselves surrounded. The Prime Commander has found them and from the shadows the new Sagean Luminary is revealed to be Edward Knox. A fight ensues and when another trap in the tomb is triggered the group tries to make their escape. 

During the fight they find a giant window to the waterfalls beyond and jump into the lake below. Before Kovan and Tali make it through the window, Kovan is shot by a squad of the Sagean’s Bonemen soldiers. Kovan falls through the opening and into the falls below. Tali in a rage lashes out at everyone in the chamber including; the Sagean and the Prime Commander. Then she follows the others into the lake. 

In the lake behind the falls, they regroup at the steps of the ancient palace, but no one can find Kovan’s body. 

In the Palace, a magnetic wave gate rests unused for thousands of years. The gate connects to other gates around the world and is their best means of escape. But before they can fully activate the gate an army of the mechanical rendered automatons start to emerge from the water and attack. 

To protect the young rogues, escape and to keep the gate from being discovered by the new Sagean Lord. Elias and Ellaria fight off the army while Tali, Learon and Wade go through the traveling gate. 

The wave gate transports them to the Warhawk Mountains in a flash. Distraught about what to do next, Tali discovers that in the confusion of the night, Elias Qudin slipped the Tempest Stone into her bag. 

Book one of the series ends with the fates of the old war heroes unknown, and the young companions in possession of the ancient relic stranded in the mountains. In the final epilogue, the Acolytes of the Sagean, called the Court of Dragons, discuss their plot to transform themselves into Luminaries and it is revealed that the Court is a larger force working with the new Sagean to build a new empire.

* * *



Book 2 opens with Ellaria Moonstone and Elias Qudin escaping from the crumbling palace beneath the Tomb of the Sageans. While they are swimming away from Marathal falls Elias passes out and nearly drowns. Ellaria gets Elias to the shore but discovers Elias is very sick. Unable to stay awake, Elias tells Ellaria that he needs the help of a Tregorean healer in the southern continent of Nahadon or he’ll die. With Kovan missing and Elias’s salvation on Ellaria’s shoulders, they set out to cross Tovillore. Following the battle in the tomb, the Sagean Edward Knox discovers that the Prime and his top general were killed during the fight. The Sagean sends forces all around the country to find the rogues threatening his empire.

While trying to leave the area, Ellaria meets a man named Will who works for Archibald Zabel’s Traveling Show of Wonders. Ellaria, believing it is the perfect cover to conceal their escape, bargains for a way to join the troupe as it heads south.

Meanwhile, the young heroes, Tali, Wade and Learon, now without their mentors, feel lost. While heading back to civilization from the Whitehawk mountains, they discover something strange has happened to the people in Learon’s hometown of West Meadow. All of the villagers are in a transfixed state, like they’ve been hypnotized. Alarmed by the lifeless people, they look for answers in the nearby city of Atava. There they learn that what happened at the village is happening all over. The inflicted humans are known as the Scree and they have even attacked some of the smaller villages.

Realizing the Mainland isn’t safe for them anymore, they decide they should go back to Elias’s hideout in Polestis. However, while they are in Atava, a young mechanic named Nyra asks to travel with them, but she steals the Tempest Stone from Wade as they are camped for the night. Forced to go after her it’s decided that Tali and Wade will pursue the thief to the south, and Learon, now accompanied by Meroha, will go meet up with their friend Stasia. 

Learon and Meroha travel east through the country, eventually making it to a small town called Fort Mare. When they arrive, they discover that the town is under the occupation of a band of fighters known as the Renegades. The Renegades are civilians who have banded together after their hometowns were destroyed by the Scree and the beasts fighting side by side. Soon after Learon and Meroha arrive, Fort Mare comes under attack by wolveracks and bonelarks. Learon helps the Renegades protect the city, and during the battle Learon flashes inhuman abilities that catches the eye of the Renegades leader, a man named Derringer, and his lieutenant Ronick. They ask Learon to help them liberate more nearby cities from the beasts and the Scree, and Learon agrees. Eventually, Learon is forced to leave them, and he continues to the town of Midway, with Meroha to meet up with Stasia as they had promised.

Back in the north, Kovan has survived his fall. His body is discovered washed up on the banks of Marathal Lake by a local farmer, named Lowell Wrenwa. Lowell brings Kovan back to his farm to help him. There, Kovan is nursed back to health by the farmer and his daughter Raina. When Kovan awakes weeks later, he has no memory of who he is and calls himself, Caleb, after the fabled hero Caleb Reaver. Once healthy, Kovan begins to work on the farm, out of a sense of gratitude. One day, the farmer tells Kovan about a man named Poe, who might be able to help with his condition. Kovan travels to Nema Island in the Grey Sea, to meet Poe. Once there, Poe uses an ancient device called the Anamnesis Vase, to extract Kovan’s memories. The vase produces three edible cubes that Kovan needs to take over time. Each cube returns more and more of Kovan’s lost memories. When the first memories return, he realizes he needs to find his friends, as they are in danger.

As Ellaria and Elias travel with the Showman’s Troupe, Elias’s health degrades, and his behavior becomes more erratic. When one of the performers is found murdered, Ellaria begins to investigate fearing one of the Sagean’s men has tracked them down, but later she finds evidence to suspect Elias is the murderer. 

After flying to Adavan, Tali and Wade catch up with the thief Nyra in a crime ridden city of Corma. When all three are seized by the crime syndicate, Wade makes a deal to play a game of Reckoner for their freedom. Wade wins, and he and Tali see the thief slip away again in the chaos. The two of them follow the thief to the western mining city of Amera controlled by the Bounty Hunters Guild and a man named Razor Redmar. Outnumbered, and out of their depth, they send for help.

The Showman’s troupe, with Ellaria and Elias, brings them south to the industrial city of Midway, but the murderer who has been tracking them is a Sagean loyalist named Aramus and the Sagean is waiting for them there. A confrontation ensues with a battle between the Sagean and the fragile Elias. Elias decimates the Sagean’s army, but the Sagean gets away with Ellaria as his prisoner.

In a chance meeting, Kovan shows up in Midway, in time to save Elias, but he can’t save Ellaria. With their communication watches Learon, Stasia and Meroha meet up with Kovan and together they sail on Bazlyn’s winddrifter to meet Wade and Tali in Amara.

When the group arrives, they once again must split up. This time Tali, Learon and Meroha, elect to escort Elias to the Tregorean Province to be healed. Meanwhile, Kovan, Wade, and Stasia, stay in Amara and plan an attack to recover the Tempest Stone from the Bounty Hunters Guild. Kovan calls in a favor to a friend for help, a gun for hire named Blackwell. During the assault, Wade and Stasia find the Tempest Stone, but they barely get away with the help of the thief Nyra. However, Kovan is captured by Redmar in the fight and Blackwell disappears.

In Nahadon, a Tregorean scout named Echoryn spots Learon and Tali bringing Elias into the city on the river. Echoryn takes them to the healer. With Echoryn’s help, Learon makes a daring effort to find medicine in the jungle needed to save Elias. When they return with the medicine, Elias is taken to the healer’s chamber, where the magic dust used in the treatment is inexplicably attracted to Learon. The Tregoreans realize that Learon is a special being called a Nimbus Warrior and along with Tali, they make up two parts of the Trinity Guard. The Tregorean wise man explains to them that the Trinity Guard is a Luminary, a Nimbus Warrior, and a Fusion Mage, three bonded warriors destined to save the world. The wise man also tells Learon that he has Tregorean blood, which means that his parents were not his parents. Learon struggles with this realization, but finds a friendship with Echoryn, when she admits her own struggles at recently learning she is a gift for prophecy.

After the Tregoreans heal Elias, it’s discovered that the Sagean and his acolytes are heading to an ancient temple in the jungles, searching for a device called the Sintering Fountain. The fountain is fabled to turn humans into Luminaries, but it requires the power of souls to work. 

Ellaria, a captive of Sagean Edward Knox, is stunned to learn that Edward wants her help. The Sagean doesn’t trust his own acolytes and believes they are scheming against him. As Edward begins to tell Ellaria about the Court of Dragon’s grand scheme to take over the world, Ellaria uses the communicator watch to covertly relay all the information to Elias. 

They learn that the Sagean acolytes engineered the ruin of the Coalition of Nations, instituted a Prime Commander and are controlling the Sagean through a set of serpent rings they all wear. Edward explains that every action by the acolytes was done with the goal to transform themselves into Luminaries. 

The key to their plan is the human souls they had extracted from people all over Tovillore, leaving the people alive, but a shell of themselves. The Tregoreans agree to help Elias, Tali, and Learon, to try and stop the Sagean. 

Kovan, now a prisoner of Razor Redmar, is being transported to a prison in Echo Canyon called the Red Spire, but Wade, Stasia and the thief Myna attempt a rescue. Kovan is freed, but during the escape, Nyra is brutally killed by Redmar. Kovan, Wade and Stasia have a boat waiting to take them to Nahadon to help Elias. However, Kovan reroutes Captain Morales to intercept Redmar in the Zulu Sea.

On the Zulu sea, Kovan battles and kills Redmar. As they sail off for Nahadon, Kovan swallows the third and last cube of his memories and a blocked memory comes back, and he realizes his daughter who died 25 years ago, is still alive.

At the temple in Nahadon, Elias enters the Genesis Chamber where the acolytes have gathered to use the Sintering Fountain. With Learon’s help they save Ellaria. However, Elias stays to fight the Sagean Edward Knox. Before the confrontation, Elias reveals the secret of his sickness. The cause of his illness is the Sagean Emperor whom he thought he had vanquished 40 years ago, had bonded his dying soul to Elias’s to hide from the Wrythen. 

Edward, with a powerful scepter, and desiring more power, removes the Emperor’s soul from Elias for himself. But the Emperor’s soul is too powerful and overtakes Edward. Elias is knocked unconscious from the transference and the old Emperor now controlling Edward, proceeds with the Sintering Fountain and transforms the acolytes into Luminaries. Immediately after the machine is used, earthquakes shake the temple’s foundations. The emperor then proceeds to kill three of the Acolytes he doesn’t trust. However, the Aylanna escapes with the Batak.

Elias, with Tali’s help, fight the Sagean Emperor, almost killing him, but the Wrythen appears to aid the fight. When the Wrythen appears, Elias uses a spell to transport Tali far away before he can, Learon runs into the chamber and is slammed against the wall by the Wrythen. It’s the last thing Tali sees.

Elias then uses all his remaining strength to destroy the gem of souls powering the machine. While the gem is being destroyed, black tendrils of smoke from the Wrythen corrupt some of the souls. When Learon awakes, Elias pushes him out of the temple, frees the souls in the gem and then pulls the entire temple down.

In the aftermath, Ellaria sets out with the still recovering Peace King Arno Danehin, to meet the King’s daughter Dalliana in the New World and prepare for the coming world war. Learon stays behind with the Tregoreans to search the temple ruins for Elias. In the wreckage, Elias’s body is found, as well as a blue stone that Learon finds unblemished. While searching the area, a large shadow appears in the skies overhead and Dragon emerges from the clouds. The Sintering Fountain’s primary mechanism has birthed the first Dragons in two thousand years from the volcanoes on the Black Shore.

Book two ends with Aylanna Alvir recovering in Ravenvyre where she is visited by the Wrythen riding a black dragon. The Wrythen orders her to search her lands for the Desolation Blade. The only sword capable of killing a dragon.

* * *