The Binding Tempst

Shadow Bound Souls

Shadow Bound Souls

The Sagean Lord has emerged. While the Wrythen's influence grows stronger, the Sagean and his power-hungry acolytes, the Court of Dragons, are intent on delivering the gem of souls to the Temple of Ama; where the Sintering Fountain can transform the acolytes into Luminaries. Meanwhile, the band of heroes find themselves separated in a world starting to tear itself apart. Having suffered a huge loss, Ellaria and Elias must escape the Mainland with the Sagean’s agents pursuing them. When Elias becomes sick, Ellaria decides to hide amongst the Showman’s Traveling Show of Wonders. But their journey is shadowed by darkness and when troupe members turn up murdered, Ellaria struggles to find the killer amongst her company. Far away in the Warhawk Mountains, the three young rogues are stranded with the Tempest Stone. Aimless about what to do, their paths take a turn when they discover the horrifying magnitude of the Sagean’s return to power, the Scree. Shadow Bound Souls continues the steampunk saga with a sequel that takes the plot to greater depths, while expanding upon the immersive world; with a ending that hurtles the series toward the coming World War.

The Binding Tempest

Upon the apparatus frontier, the last of the luminaries bind the tempests of energy. The fall of an Empire has given rise to an age of alchemy, steam and machines, and a world struggling to rebuild.
. . .It is forty years after the Great War that overthrew an empire, and evil survives in the shadows of complacency. When a former general, Ellaria Moonstone discovers that a powerful being called a Sagean has returned and secretly taken control of the Coalition of Nations, she sends for help.
. . .But her friend Qudin, a luminary, and the only one with the ability to defeat a Sagean, has become obsessed with hunting down lost artifacts of the ancients. On the road to reach Ellaria, her allies are joined by young travelers heading to the university in Adalon. When the luminance emerges in one of them, road companions become apprentices on a treacherous journey where beasts and long dead enemies pursue them at every turn.

. . .The currency of souls is in the balance, and for three aging veterans their only hope to defeat this new Lord of Light, lies buried with the past. With the world on the edge, they find their destinies are entwined with an artifact called the Tempest Stone.


Available Starting September 1st