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City Maps

“The Cities of Territhmina”

Inside the Fantasy world of The Binding Tempest

To follow up on my world map post here is one about my city maps. 

While there are plenty of software apps out there to help you produce fun and interesting world maps, there are very few options for creating a city map.

The tools I used to create mine, where wonderdraft, Adobe illustrator and Adobe photoshop. I have a lot of worthy cities that I could make a map for, but the four most deserving were; Adalon, Marathal, Aquom, and Ravenvyre. I always start with a sketch and develop the layout based on how I imagine the city functions. Consciously trying to build the character of the cities themselves. Anything that would then affect how the characters understand their world.

They are the 4 most prominent and integral to the story, and The characters have to navigate each.

All of them presented unique challenges. Adalon is positioned off the coast between 2 rivers spilling into the Mainsolis Sea. The City has an organized layout and key features that needed to be arranged. Including the crescent moon shaped pier. There are also elevated walkways that crisscross the city that needed to be shown somehow.

For Marathal City, it is a city built on a Lake. This is a higher order city where the upper class lives and vacations on the main island, but the surrounding lakeside is full of villages. The lake is most known for the Great Falls and as the headwaters for the Uhanni River which splits the country of Tavillore and is a main source of transportation and shipping.

Aquom was an interesting map to make and probably my favorite. It is a city in the middle of a trench between a drifting mass of islands. The outside islands, the Zuvo Islands on the tip, are considered a military port. The interior city is divided into two main areas, the Stonebank and the Narrows.

The fourth city I did was a map for Ravenvyre. This is the capital city on the west coast. It is an island city and the home to Territhimina’s largest working order of alchemists in the Jade district.

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